What We Do

Hudson Valley Harvest aggregates and distributes product from over 50 Hudson Valley farms to restaurants, grocers, and institutions in the Tri-State Area, increasing access to local foods.

Our Mission

Our goal is to change the food system: to provide easy access to local, healthy food and improve the financial well-being of the farms we work with in a sustainable way. We believe in keeping food close to the source, both by keeping it local and by minimal processing. We work with our farms to provide local, traceable, transparent food of the highest quality.

Local Food

We’d like to talk about what local means to us.

Hudson Valley Harvest only works with farms and product from the Hudson Valley. This isn't the easiest way to do things but we believe that it’s the right way.

It's important to us that people do not have to buy questionable food from across the globe. We are invested in keeping our precious resources, like the water and nutrients that belong to Hudson Valley soil within their home ecosystem, and hope that other places will do the same.  In a small foodshed such as the one we draw from, we can be sure that our farmers are growing food that is environmentally responsible, nutrient dense, and as a result-- as sweet and delicious as it can be.

We know our farmers, what they grow and how they grow it. We embrace transparency and traceability, and we put that information on every package. As a result, you receive stunning fresh vegetables and fruits in season and we also make sure we freeze and jar enough at the peak of season so they can be enjoyed year round. Tired of being surprised by news reports and stories of how your meat was raised or processed? Why not buy ethical, local, sustainably raised meat? We have it. Tired of turning over a package and seeing that it came from half way around the world? Tired of ingredients you can’t pronounce? We think food has become way too confusing, so we did something about it. We went to the source, cut out all the nonsense and invited you in. The farmers we work with put a lot of care into the food they grow and raise and we never lose sight of that. We keep it simple, keep it fresh and keep it traceable.

In short, we provide food grown or raised the way everybody thinks food is grown or raised. Get to know the food you eat with Hudson Valley Harvest.

Our Team


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