Grayson Family Farm

Petersburgh, NY
Farmer: Grayson Family
Type of Farm: Cattle
Grows/Raises: grass fed beef

Official website:

Grayson Family Farm is a family owned, family run farm that believes in sustainable agricultural practices. Their passion for eating healthy and raising nutritious, pastured-based food is what created the goal to only sell the best and healthiest beef.

The Belted Galloway beef cattle live peacefully and are fed a variety of natural grasses. The use of a rotational pasture system provides a continual supply of fresh pasture for the cows. No chemicals are used on our pastures and our cows are grain, hormone and antibiotic free. The healthier the cows are, a better and more fresh taste is produced.

Belted Galloways originate from the grassy highlands of Scotland and as a breed, they have for centuries, been an outstanding example of grass-fed animals providing excellent beef. All of the beef is produced in a USDA inspected and approved facility which provides an outstanding healthy environment.