Little Seed Gardens

Chatham, NY
Farmers: Claudia and Willy
Type of Farm: Vegetables, Greens, Herbs, and Flowers
Acreage: 97
Grows/Raises: Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables, Flower, Beef
Official Website: Little Seed Gardens

Little Seed Gardens is a 97 acre family run farm in the town of Chatham in Columbia County, situated on rich bottomlands at the confluence of two creeks. Farmers, Claudia Kenny and Willy Denner and their two children, tend vegetables, cover crops and pasture. They are committed to holistic management practices that protect land and human resources, build biological diversity, and produce quality food for our local communities. Their food is grown without synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers (and the compost they purchase is certified organic). Little Seed Gardens is certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. They specialize in baby salad mixes and microgreens.