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products and meat! To log into your Lilypad account, click here.

New Customers:

Please fill out a New Customer Form to get set up to order.

Existing Customers:

You can order online! Please send an email to info@hv-harvest.com to obtain a customer login.

Order using our 24-hour hotline. You can record a message with your order by calling (855) 999-4248. You can also place an order by emailing orders@hv-harvest.com 

Please fill out our survey to help us improve. Submissions are anonymous unless you choose to include the name of your business. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Ordering Deadlines:

Frozen and shelf-stable items can be ordered any time for Monday through Friday delivery.  Fresh items must be ordered by Tuesday 10am for delivery Thursday or Friday of the same week.  If you're ordering online, please make sure that you select the date you want to receive the order as the fulfillment date. For fresh orders this means you will select either Thursday or Friday of the same week.