We provide fresh and frozen produce, proteins, and shelf stable/pantry items from the best farms
in the Hudson Valley to restaurants, stores, and institutional kitchens.

Our labels are simple because our food is simple. To deliver complete transparency
and traceability, we print each label at the time of processing. This allows us to give you
all of the important information you care about: who grew it, where they grew it,
and what’s in it. That’s it! We are proud of our products and we know you'll love them too.

*If you are a restaurant, grocer, or institutional kitchen and would like to receive a complete list of our offerings from one of our sales reps, please visit our contact page.

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                                                                 An example of our transparent labels


What makes our products unique?

Traceability: You know exactly what farm it came from.
Proximity: For labeled items, even the distance traveled in
miles is stated right there on the label.
Peak Flavor: These are varieties grown for certain tastes
and optimal nutrients, and we work with our farmers to produce
the best quality.
Freshness: For frozen and canned items, we process
vegetables immediately after harvest. Our frozen
vegetables go from field to freezer in less than 24 hours.
Clear Packaging: Everyone told us we couldn't present
frozen vegetables in clear packages, but we took the chance.
We were the first ones around to do this and it's because we
have absolutely nothing to hide.
100% transparency. Always.