Shelf Stable Items

Fruits and vegetables for canned items are processed straight after the harvest and their freshness, flavor, and optimal nutrition is locked inside for you to enjoy. Our honey and maple syrup are made without harsh chemicals and are the perfect sweeteners.  The pictures below show just a few of the items we offer.

img_0354_27990965605_o img_0362_27956265716_o IMG_4387 WALNUTS img_0359_27710858170_o IMG_5008 img_0360_27888677902_o IMG_4974 img_0363_27990978795_o img_0547_27685408744_o img_0355_27990967995_o img_0548_27685410404_o img_0554_28223033481_o img_0568_28020032570_o