Acorn Hill Farm

Location: Walker Valley, NY
Farmer: Joyce
Type of Farm: Goat Dairy
Grows/Raises: Pasteurized Goat Yogurt, Ricotta, and Chevre, and Raw/Aged Goat Feta

Acorn Hill Farm is a goat dairy and creamery located in Walker Valley, NY.  While they are not certified organic, they have taken the NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge. Their regular feed is non-GMO and consists of tree leaves, weeds, golden rod, yellow dock, and non-treated hay. Their supplemental feed is certified organic and non-GMO. They sell their manure.

The rennet used to make the cheese is vegetarian and acceptable for some who are kosher. All approximately 40 goats come from within the herd. The breed is Nubian; their milk is high in butterfat. They milk the goats all year round, so they never freeze it and they milk twice a day. They do not use preventative medicines on their goats and turn to herbal and homeopathic remedies when needed. If those methods are not enough, they have a moral obligation to use pharmaceuticals.

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