Argyle Cheese Farmer

Location: Argyle, NY
Farmer: Dave Randles
Cheese Maker: Marge Randles
Type of Farm: Cheese Factory
Grows/Raises: Dairy Cows

The Argyle Cheese Factory was started by Dave and Marge Randles, who decided to make dairy products from the high quality milk on their 50 cow herd. They use no synthetic hormones and grow 100% of their forages fed to the cows. Marge uses milk produced on-site at the family farm to create high-quality yogurts and artisan cheeses. A separate building now houses the equipment used to produce yogurt, cheese and other products. While Marge initially began with making yogurts she has expanded her line of products to include cheese curds, cheese spreads, greek yogurt, gelato and cultured buttermilk.

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