Black Horse Farms

Location:  Coxsackie, NY
Farmer: Lloyd
Type of Farm: Mixed Vegetable
Acreage: over 800
Grows/Raises: Fruits & Vegetables of all kinds

Black Horse Farms is a GAP certified family farm based in Coxsackie, NY. The farm operation has grown from 225 acres back in 1959 and currently consists of over 800 acres of fresh market vegetable production.  All aspects of the growing operation are controlled and overseen by Lloyd.  The field plants are grown within greenhouse complexes located right on the farm and are planted directly to the fields.  The packing sheds, marketing and business offices are all family managed. Lloyd has devoted his life to agriculture.  From his degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Vermont, to the skills he has passed his skills along to his daughters, he has always embraced the land.

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