Blooming Hill Farm

Location:  Blooming Grove, NY
Farmer: Guy
Type of Farm: Fruit/Vegetable
Acreage: 100 acres
Grows/Raises: Over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables with organic farming practices

Guy Jones started farming in the Hudson Valley in the early eighties, not long after he gave up his storefront law office in Albany, New York. In the beginning, Blooming Hill sold vegetables at farmers’ markets locally and in New York City at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Back then the farm still grew a very wide variety of specialty organic produce – some of it strange and new even for the burgeoning New York restaurant scene. This attracted the attention of up and coming chefs such as David Bouley, Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio and Michael Romano.

Other chefs caught wind of this and began requesting that the farm try growing unique crops from then hard to obtain imported seeds. The farm answered these requests and the word began to spread.

Today they’re still known for their unaltered, eclectic and broad produce offerings – they grow and forage over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables on a hundred acres in Orange County, NY.

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