Bradley Farm

Location: New Paltz, NY
Farmer: Ray
Type of Farm: Vegetables & Livestock
Acreage: Over 25
Grows/Raises: Vegetables, Herbs, Pork, Chicken, Chicken & Duck Eggs, Spices

317 Springtown Road used to be an abandoned 27 acres farm, and an eyesore to everyone. What Ray Bradley saw was an opportunity to actualize his dreams of having a place to raise animals and grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers to share with others. Full of potential, his field of dreams has become a working farm, home to chickens, bees, pigs, and the occasional stray cat, along with row after row of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Ray purchased his farm 15 years ago after 10 years of farming in the New Paltz area. He specializes in heirloom tomatoes, garlic, and shallots. He grows over 40 varieties of vegetables, as well as some unique items such as chestnuts, Jerusalem artichokes, dried beans, Carola potatoes, and pasture raised heritage pork. Coming from a background as a chef, he is passionate about taste and farms with a strict focus on flavor. He sells locally and direct, with no wholesale outlets, so varieties tend to be for flavor, not shipping.

Bradley Farm is CNG, or Certified Naturally Grown, and only grows non-GMO varieties. Ray prides himself on the heirloom varieties he raises, many from seeds he saves himself. He uses greenhouses and hoop houses to extend the season, as well as drip irrigation to conserve water. He’s a strong believer in cover crops, as well as rotation and resting areas. He runs a strong composting program for on farm waste as well as organic materials brought in from outside sources. His heritage breed pigs and free range chickens are pasture raised with plenty of room to roam. All of them are fed locally raised feed and any excess produce from the farm.

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