Chaseholm Farm

Location:  Pine Plains, NY
Farmer: Chase
Type of Farm: Grass-fed Cow Dairy
Acreage: 350
Grows/Raises: Farmer’s Cheese, Queso Blanco, Chamembert, Raw Milk Cheeses

Located in Pine Plains, Chaseholm Farm is a third-generation family owned dairy farm.

Their relationship to the land is built on principles of sustainable agriculture; they graze their herd 8-9 months of the year and supplement their feed with homegrown forages and organic corn that is milled into grain for a pre-milking treat.

They believe that the quality of their milk is deeply related to the quality of the soil and the life that it can support, bacterial, fungal, herbaceous and animal.

They aim to continue the family farm and a tradition of agriculture in this place while making products that honor both the body and the farm as living organisms and promote their good health.

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