Cricket Creek Farm

Location:  Williamstown, MA
Farmer: Jude
Type of Farm: Dairy Farm
Grows/Raises: Grass-fed beef & whey-fed pork, raw milk and artisanal cheeses

Cricket Creek Farm is one of the oldest dairy farms in its region. Primarily the farm raises grass-based dairy cows, and is licensed to sell raw milk. The rest of the milk is used to make artisanal cheese in their farmstead creamery. In addition, there is a bakery on site, which supplies fresh baked goods to the farm store. Grass-fed beef and whey-fed pork are also available, through the farm store, local farmers markets, restaurants and other establishments. The mission of Cricket Creek Farms is to produce nourishing food that honors its animals, respects the land, and feeds the community, and to exemplify a sustainable model for small-farm viability.

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