Fishkill Farm

Location:  East Fishkill, NY
Farmer: Robert & Josh
Type of Farm: Orchard
Grows/Raises: diversified fruits, vegetables and live stock

Fishkill farms was founded over 100 years ago and started in 1914 by Henry Morgenthau jr. Ever since the farms has remained in the family and has been enriched with family legacy of farmers. The farm specializes in a variety of delicious fruits such as apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries and pumpkins. In addition, the farm produces mixed vegetables, berries and pasture raised chickens and sheep.

The farms is dedicated to good stewardship of the land and ecological farming. The vegetables are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and they use Integrated Pest Management to minimize the chemical inputs throughout the orchard. Instead of using herbicides and sprays for the apples the company has used a better alternative strategy of mowing and mulching.

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