Greenane Farms

Location: Delhi, NY (Market and Garden Center in Meridale, NY)
Farmer: Patrick
Type of Farm: Fruit, Vegetable and Livestock
Acreage: 1300
Grows/Raises: Specializes in Pastured Livestock Meats

Greenane Farms is a diversified family farm practicing natural and sustainable agriculture, owned and operated by Patrick and Thanya Rider. Their registered Angus cattle and poultry are pasture raised in the open fields of natural Catskill grasses, and their berries and crops are also naturally grown. Greenane Farms, certified organic and humane, has worked for many years in the development of a breed of goat milk whey fed quail whose good health, large size and white coloring are exceptionally suited to the restaurant trade. Greenane Farm works closely with the Watershed Agricultural Council to protect our water and the water we send to New York City and strives to care for the environment in every way possible.

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