Hepworth Farm

Location:  Milton, NY
Farmer: Amy & Gail
Acreage: 400
Type of Farm: Mixed Vegetable

Hepworth Farms is a 7th generation, family owned, certified organic farm. Established in 1818, it is located in Milton, NY on the banks of the Hudson River. The farm is owned and operated by Amy Hepworth, Gail Hepworth, and Gerry Greco. They began the process of “dechemicalization” and a transition to a whole-systems approach after Amy’s graduation from the agricultural school at Cornell. They grow over 400 varieties of vegetables and specialize in heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and greens. They are always looking to innovate and keep up with improvements on their farm.

“We are extremely passionate about our farming standards and practice a whole-alive-systems approach.  We deeply care and are devoted to our workers, land and energy conservation, and delivering healthy and delicious food to our customers.”  ~ Amy Hepworth

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