Karl Family Farm

Location:  Modena, NY
Farmer: Kris
Acreage: 175
Type of Farm: Mixed Livestock

Karl Farms is a small family farm in the shadows of the Shawagunk Mountains in Modena, NY. Their goal is to provide their customers with the healthiest and highest quality, locally produces and humanely raised meats. Their farm has been in production for almost 4 years, and Kris has been farming for 6. They raise all heritage breed animals (they only breed on the farm and often try new crosses of breeds). Their pasture raised/free range/cage free chickens receive produce and grain that they get right from NY to supplement their foraging. Their chicken feed is certified organic and non-GMO. They never administer antibiotics or hormones. They build all of their animal housing on site. Kris uses drip irrigation to conserve water on his vegetable fields, cover crops, and has a greenhouse. He composts all manure, bedding, and other materials and uses them on his fields.

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