Mauer’s Mountain Farms

Location:  Bloomville, NY
Acreage: 400 acres
Type of Farm: Poultry
Grows/Raises: French Jumbo Guinea Fowl

Mauer’s Mountain Farms, located in the heart of the Catskill Watershed, raises antibiotic-, hormone-, and cage-free heritage French Guinea Hens. The guinea hens are fed local grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and graze on organic field greens. The guinea fowl are humanely processed and air-chilled at a local USDA/AWA facility.

French Jumbo Guinea Fowl have a high yield of meat, about 50% meat and 50% carcass, and fewer tendons in the leg and thigh area, making them both cost effective and flavorful. The meat is white and moist, similar to chicken, but it is higher in protein and lower in fat. Mauer’s Mountain Farms offers French Jumbo Guinea Fowl year round and it makes a wonderfully rich dish for the fall and winter months and can be a great bird to grill or toss in salads for the spring and summer.

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