MX Morning Star

Location: Copake, NY
Farmer: Max
Type of Farm: Vegetable
Acreage: 65
Grows/Raises: Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash & Storage Crops (multicolor carrots, rutabaga, winter radishes)

MX Morningstar Farm grows a diverse array of vegetable crops on 62 acres of Blasdell channery loam in the heart of Copake, NY. The farm uses sustainable practices designed to maintain and build the health of our land long in the future. MX Morningstar Farm uses cover crops, also know as green manures, to build soil fertility. Crop rotation is used to minimize pest and disease pressure, rest fields periodically, maintain a good program of weed reduction, and build organic matter. Through farmers’ markets, restaurant, and wholesale customers, MX Morningstar serves communities of Eastern New York, Western Connecticut, and the Berkshires. The farm works in a holistic and balanced way to improve flavor and productivity of the food grown, and to benefit the local community and society as a whole.

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