Norwich Meadows Farm

Location: Norwich, NY
Farmer: Zaid
Type of Farm: Organic Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
Grows/Raises: Greens, Root Crops, Beans, Potatoes, Peas, Tomatoes, Herbs,

Starting from humble beginnings in 1998 on a half acre parcel, Norwich Meadow Farms, has successfully expanded to over 80 acres. A certified organic farm, Norwich Meadows grows fresh produce for green markets from upstate New York all the way down to New York City. One of their greatest accomplishments has been a system of growing crops in “High Tunnels” in order to gain more control over adverse weather conditions and to increase yields. To date more than 50 tunnels have been constructed, and more tunnels are being installed on other farms. Norwich Meadow Farms strongly believes in the importance of good, nutritious food that nourishes the body and is grown locally without the use of harsh chemicals. Their concern is for the physical and economic health of the community, and make decisions keeping this in mind. Norwich Meadow Farms has dedicated their efforts to offering high quality food to consumers in the New York region.

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