Roxbury Farm

Location: Kinderhook, NY
Farmer: Jody
Type of Farm: Mixed livestock and vegetable
Acreage: 375 acres
Grows/Raises: Vegetables, beef, lamb, pork, poultry

Roxbury Farm is a 25-year old medium-sized community supported farm in Kinderhook, NY. The land it sits on will always be used for agriculture and is protected from development. Roxbury Farm uses biodynamic farming practices that developed out of anthroposophy. They use a wide range of green manures and cover crops to build and maintain their soil fertility. They keep about half of their vegetable acreage in cover crops or green manure each year in preparation on for the next season. They also work with Cornell Cooperative Extension on variety trials and soil health improvement practices. They only use OMRI approved and organic products for fertlization.

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