The Orchards of Concklin

Location: Pomona, NY
Farmer: Rich
Type of Farm: Fruit & Vegetable
Acreage: 100
Grows/Raises: Tree Fruit, Vegetables, Ciders, Baked Goods

The Orchards of Concklin are the oldest farm in this region. Nicholas Concklin bought 400 acres of land in 1711, in the Pomona region of New York.  Pomona was named after the goddess of orchard fruit, which is said to be in honor of the Concklin family’s presence there. The farm has remained in the family for ten generations and is now run by Nicholas Concklin’s descendants, Richard and Linda and their families. Rich has been farming for 64 years.

The Concklin family uses Integrated Pest Management in order to reduce the use of pesticides on their fields. They also practice cover cropping, drip irrigation to conserve water, pay attention to preventing erosion, and use greenhouses and hoop houses. All varieties of fruits and vegetables are non-GMO. In order to keep up with convenience stores and mega supermarkets, they have found new niche marketing channels, including farmers’ markets.

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