Cooking and Handling

Local Food: Better Flavor
Preserving local food is simple: freezing, canning, drying and using other ways of working with the natural properties of the
food. It is grown by small farms that use high-quality seeds and care for their soils resulting in the best flavor possible. They sell directly to discerning consumers who notice the difference in flavor between a local farm’s vegetables and a large scale operation. The deeper colors and the sweeter, more dynamic flavors you’ll notice in the products we buy from local farms don’t just look and taste good, but are also good for you.



Simple Cooking
Still learning how to prepare vegetables? Adding extra salt, sugar or fat to get your kids and other picky eaters to touch them? Local food can help you out. That extra-delicious, nutritious flavor we just mentioned makes your meals taste better naturally. That means you don’t have to add a ton of nutrient-crushing, unnecessary ingredients to try to get them to taste like you expected them to. And with our methods of flash-freezing in season, you can have those rich flavors year-round. Paired with our amazing local meats, of course!




A Local Attitude
Studies have shown it to be true (here’s one!): if you commit to buying the best quality food, you’re more likely to have a healthier diet. A healthy diet leads to a far greater likelihood of good health throughout your life. By buying only local food, you’re committing to buying the ingredients of a healthy life.

Bringing you the best local food!