Meat Cuts and Processing

Processing and Cuts of Meat

All of our large animals are brought in from their farmers to a slaughterhouse in Canaan, NY, that most Hudson Valley farmers are very familiar with. Due to the longstanding, trusting relationship of this slaughterhouse with Hudson Valley small farms, both HVH and the farmers can feel assured that the animals are treated humanely.  The slaughterhouse specializes in both retail cuts to be sold in stores, and primal cuts to be sold to restaurants and butchers.

Beef:  Beef is divided into 10 major sections.  Cuts from that section for the most part contain the name of the section within the name of the cut. For example, a chuck eye roast comes from the chuck section of the animal.  Front to back on the top of the animal are the chuck, rib, short loin, sirloin and round.  Front to back on the underside of the animal are the fore shank, brisket, short plate, flank, and tip.

Pork:  Pork is divided into 5 primary sections, jowl, and feet.  From front to back is the shoulder (parts named ‘blade’ or ‘shoulder’ are found here), the loin (which includes the ribs and chops), and on the belly side of the loin are the spareribs and side (bacon) and the leg in back (ham pieces).


Red meats, consumed in proper proportion can satisfy our needs for many essential nutrients.  They are good sources of complete protein, iron, and copper, and B vitamins.

Flavor and Quality

The best way to assess flavor and quality is to try our meats for yourself. We source our meat from the best breeds and the most experienced farmers. Need some inspiration for dinner? Check out our recipes page for delicious dishes using our products.

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