Raw, local, fragrant.


Just 100% apples, nothing else.


Local tomatoes harvested in season.


Organic, fresh, the perfect snack.

Over 60 Local Farms

Hudson Valley Harvest only works with farms and product from the Hudson Valley. This isn’t the easiest way to do things but we believe that it’s the right way.

100% Transparent

We know our farmers, what they grow and how they grow it. We embrace transparency and traceability, and we put that information on every package. We went to the source, cut out all the nonsense and invited you in. The farmers we work with put a lot of care into the food they grow and raise and we never lose sight of that. We keep it simple, keep it fresh and keep it traceable.

Local Farms

Local Acres



Pantry Favorites

It should be about the quality of the ingredients grown, not about the preservatives, fillers, and chemicals. Unscrew a lid and taste the difference!

"Hudson Valley Harvest recreates the beauty of the land through my kitchen with lush and protruding substance."

– Maggie, Maggies Krooked Café, Tannersville, NY

"Buying locally is a win for everyone - dollars stay in the community, food tastes better, and there is less of an impact on the environment from shorter transportation. We're incredibly thankful to have partners like Hudson Valley Harvest that are committed to helping farmers succeed."

– Provenance Meals, Brooklyn NY

"I put the Hudson Valley Harvest butternut puree in all my stews and chilis to give them an extra nutritional punch."

– Brett K., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


We source fresh and frozen produce, proteins, and pantry items from the best farms in the Hudson Valley to restaurants, stores, and institutional kitchens. Are you ready to taste the best?

Bringing you the best local food!